Grand Haven Charter Fishing For Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout

Big Weenie Sportfishing offers world class fishing for a variety of species in the Great Lakes.  The port of Grand Haven is very popular among charter vessels and recreational anglers because of large numbers of king salmon, coho salmon, steelhead, lake trout, and brown trout.  It’s not unusual to catch 3 or 4 different species of fish all in the same trip and occasionally catch a great lakes slam which is all 5 species in one trip!  We have taken out hundreds of satisfied clients out fishing over the years and we promise that you’ll have a great experience.  Call us today at (616) 502-9672!

Why Choose Big Weenie Sportfishing and The Moonlighter?

Captain Jeremy Barber and The Moonlighter Team has been fishing all over the Great Lakes for over 25 years and has fished many tournaments on the West coast of Michigan.  He is the grandson of a charter captain and started out fishing on the East side of the state on Lake Huron.  As a first mate, Jeremy put in valuable time learning from other well respected captains all the way from Port Huron, MI to Alpena, MI.  He has been Charter Fishing Grand Haven the last 10 years and knows the port and the local fishery extremely well.  Because of his experience fishing many different ports, he has learned many different fishing styles and is able to adjust to water conditions on the fly.  Salmon and Trout are known to move large distances in a short amount of time and it’s crucial to make adjustments in order to have a successful day.

Salmon & Trout Sport-Fishing on Lake Michigan

IMG_6641The Moonlighter is a 33 foot Tiara.  It has an extra wide beam which creates a stable platform for fishing and it will keep you dry and get you safely back to port.  Jeremy has meticulously set up the boat and uses the most up to date equipment available.  We utilize a variety of different ways to catch fishing including electric downriggers, dipsy divers, wire line, copper lines, lead core lines and they all play an integral role in making sure your trip is a good one.

We offer all sorts of trips for parties of up to 6 anglers.  Whether you would like to go salmon and trout fishing, perch fishing, or just a sunset cruise, we will make sure you have an enjoyable time.  We also can accommodate on the water instructional fishing trips as well as open boat trips for $100/person.  If you have a corporate or group charter, we will work with other local charters to make sure you are happy!

Contact Us Today To Schedule Your Trip

IMG_6803Most of our trips start at 6am, but we are flexible to fit your busy schedule.  Captain Jeremy will make the final decision if you are unfortunate to find inclement weather and if need be, we will refund your deposit or simply reschedule your trip for a different date. Contact us today and enjoy a day out on the lake!!